Traditional and Fine Handcrafted Stone and Wood

Mallet & Chisel at Gardenscape 2010

Mallet & Chisel participated in Gardenscape March 26-28, 2010.  We had a tremendous response from visitors to our booth and we thank everyone who attended for being so excited about our business!  Brian is now in the process of booking projects for the spring and summer seasons and spots are filling very quickly.  Please contact us immediately if you would like your project completed this summer.

Beauty, Elegance & Old-World Craftsmanship

Mallet & Chisel’s designs in wood and stone will turn your vision for your home, yard or office into reality. An art form created over thousands of years and on display in the finest castles, places of worship and buildings throughout Europe, is now available to you. Customized creations can be designed to suit all architectural styles from traditional, medieval Arts & Crafts to classic and contemporary.

Natural Stone, a Green Alternative
Natural stone is the most sustainable building material available and the only material which history has proven can create an elegant, timeless setting, which endures through the ages. Well-designed natural stone projects are eternal, durable and highly cost-effective both financially and environmentally on a long-term basis.

The Strength of Wood Joinery
Wood has long been the material of choice for interior furnishings, whether it is tables, benches or cabinets. It is durable, beautiful and when crafted with traditional joinery methods lasts a number of lifetimes. Whenever possible, Mallet & Chisel utilizes locally felled trees or reclaimed timber.

Local Company, European Craftsmanship
Brian Cey grew up in rural Saskatchewan and trained in stonemasonry at the foremost stonemasonry college in Europe. He is a master of traditional methods of carving stone and wood and uses those skills to create a work of art that will leave a legacy for your grandchildren to enjoy.

The Treasures You Deserve
Brian will work with you to design a piece to show that your hard work has rewarded you with the treasures you deserve:

Fireplaces * Memorials * Monuments * Traditional Letter Carving in Stone and Wood * Medieval Style Wooden Tables and Benches * Stone Restoration * Sacred Spaces * Stone Retaining Walls, Steps and Patios * Stone Barbeques, Benches, Columns, Arches, Bridges * Planting Beds, Sundials, and so much more *

Mallet & Chisel Inc.
Traditional and Fine Handcrafted Stone and Wood

Brian Cey

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